Karla Events
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INVITATIONS AND ACCESSORIES Each event is introduced with a signature invitational piece or accessory detail aimed at capturing the emotion, essence and personality of the occasion. From subtle to dramatic, this important initial element sets a unique tone for the event to follow.

CATERING AND MIXOLOGY KARLA Catering begins with a client’s vision and constructs a completely unique, customized menu that not only tastes exquisite, but elevates a guest’s complete sensual experience. Using the highest quality ingredients in new, unexpected ways, KARLA Catering focuses on enhancing flavors, while maintaining a dedication to visually stunning aesthetics. Clients have become particularly fond of KARLA's hors d'oeuvres, which creatively layer flavors into a single bite of perfection. One can expect modern interpretations of classic dishes, unique fusion offerings and bold, yet balanced combinations, paired with distinguished wines. KARLA’s dedicated mixology team crafts imaginative cocktails for each event based on the season, occasion and planned menu. Libations are artfully concocted employing innovative techniques. For a personal touch, signature cocktails can also be designed and named, reflecting the theme of the event and taste preferences of the client.

ILLUMINATION KARLA illumination is a signature aspect of KARLA event technology, where the art of creating ambiance is coupled with skillful, engineered lighting design. Masters of mood and tone, the KARLA illumination team utilizes color, dimension and depth to produce the desired effect at hand, whether it be romantic or dynamic, understated or extravagant.

PERSONAL BRANDING First impressions are everything. KARLA branding is incorporated into every event-ensuring that first impressions, become lasting impressions. From the most innovative materials and techniques, to interesting forms and approaches, KARLA designers create unique, dramatic statements. Corporate clients seeking strong branding messaging can rely on KARLA for any and all branding needs and goals.

TENT TECHNOLOGY KARLA utilizes decades of experience when evaluating proper tent selection, location and flow. Qualities of light, shadow and texture are manipulated to enhance or create a desired ambiance. Tents for the beach, rooftop, lawn or parking lot offer creative opportunities for lavish KARLA events. Whether planned as a design choice or necessary due to weather conditions, KARLA’s inspired tenting options lend themselves to guest comfort and overall event success.

FLORALS The million-dollar entity known as KARLA florals is the heart and soul of, the driving-force behind Karla Conceptual Event Experiences. KARLA’s signature floral architecture was born out of a profound passion for both blooms and design.  With an in-house laboratory and access to the world’s most exotic floral sources, KARLA florals are unparalleled in quality and presentation.

VENUE From outdoor to indoor, classic to unpredictable, modern to historical, the creative process escalates when it comes to KARLA venue selection. KARLA’s professional location scouts travel extensively, locally and abroad, in search of the latest exclusive, one-of-a kind venues. Encapsulating each event, the perfect venue provides the jaw-dropping exterior and mood-setting interior for one’s affair. Whether considering The Space Miami, KARLA's own exclusive, private venue, or endless creative alternatives around one's city of choice, location scouts review and present a variety of potential venue options to discriminating clients.

CORPORATE WEEKLY AND MONTHLY FLORAL SERVICE Daily, weekly, and monthly service is available for clients desiring to ensure a consistent flow of floral delights.  Available for residential, business, entertainment and presentation purposes, KARLA florals provides impeccable service and ever-evolving fresh, innovative floral concepts.

KARLA Conceptual Event Experiences is a full-service event planning, design, and production firm creating extraordinary events for discriminating private and corporate clients. Under the direction of owner Karla Dascal, KARLA has become one of the most sought-after and celebrated event companies dedicated to orchestrating the perfect experience or occasion. KARLA events are personalized to reflect the distinct tastes of each client, whether it be an individual, corporate entity, or luxury brand. Each and every design element is masterfully crafted and impeccably executed to create the perfect balance between form and function, precision and elegance. It is this ultra-high level of detailed workmanship and a commitment to originality, quality and customer service that puts KARLA Conceptual Event Experiences in a category all its own.


Karla Dascal is a Miami native whose creative vision and quest for elegance began in 1992 shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Architecture & Design degree. Karla returned to Miami post-graduation to open Roses by Karla Inc., which produced unique, architecturally inspired floral concepts for residences and businesses in South Florida. After developing a strong client base and with the demand for her stunning rose arrangements heightening, Karla started a new endeavor — redefining special events with the same dedication and innovation she had become known for. This venture, KARLA Conceptual Event Experiences, has become one of the most sought-after and celebrated full-service event planning and design production companies. Twenty years since its inception, discriminating private and corporate clients, both domestic and international, continue to depend on KARLA for extraordinary, expertly crafted events and celebrations.